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Achieve Operational Maturity and Optimise Your Competitive Capabilities Through Your People

Empower Your Teams 

Enhance Your Agility

Achieve 100% Commitment to Value Creation



Whether your business is experiencing change due to growth, ongoing setbacks, or stalling from out-dated methodologies, you want to develop your teams’ capabilities to proactively respond to change from within.

eXXeed helps you successfully achieve your strategy and implement planned changes to your operating model, processes, or technologies by enabling you and your management team to become natural and proficient change leaders.

Changes to how a business operates requires your employees to do their jobs differently. If the people most affected by these decisions are not included or sufficiently supported during the change process, important initiatives may fail to take off due to resistance to adoption.

eXXeed’s core strength is fostering a people-centred approach that engages and empowers everyone to have a voice in co-creating and embracing change during challenging periods.

Using world-leading ADKAR change management and LUMA innovation design thinking methodologies, we help you and your team reframe your organisation’s approach, activities and outcomes to reach a mature, agile, and successful business model.

The outcome? A strong culture of motivated, empowered, adaptable team members using first-class business practices to create happy customers and higher profits.

Enhance Your Success with a People-focused Approach

If your business doesn’t have cultural alignment on a shared vision and strategy, you can be sure you are:

  • Leaking value across the business

  • Losing existing and potential opportunities

  • Open to risks of non-compliance

  • Underutilising your team and resources


Without inbuilt change agility, businesses experience a multitude of damaging issues including wasted resources, double-handling, duplicated processes, capability gaps, performance issues, and communication breakdowns.

In a                       of 1150 CEOs, 76% said that their ability to adapt to change will be a key source of competitive advantage in the future.




The importance of strong corporate culture for successful change has been proven statistically and anecdotally, time and time again.

Certified in PROSCI change management and Luma human-centred design methodologies*, eXXeed mobilises your team by coaching your managers to become change leaders proficient in creating a change-capable workforce culture.

efforts fail due to the resistance to change people and cultural related factors.

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W E    H E L P    Y O U

  • Readiness Assessments

  • Risk Analysis

  • Overall Strategy

  • Tactics for Resistance and Obstacles

  • Sponsorship and Support Model

  • Fit-for-purpose Design


  • Communications and Advocacy


  • Approach to Cultural Change


  • Coaching in Change Capability


  • Successful Execution

  • Adoption and Utilisation

  • Business-wide Compliance

  • Measurement and Analysis of Feedback

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O U R    A P P R O A C H

  • We meet with you and all the relevant stakeholders to understand what you want to achieve.

  • We use world-leading ADKAR change management and LUMA innovation design-thinking methodologies across the phases of your business transformation.

  • We start with empathy and understanding, and help you build awareness of what is changing and, importantly, why.

  • With an inclusive approach, we listen to you and your team for underlying behavioural cultural resistance to change.

  • We help your teams unlock new perspectives, remove frustrations and increase their desire for change.

  • We coach your leadership team in how to move your people from the current state to the desired state, building change capabilities across all levels of the organisation.

  • We help you develop training to ensure the skills and tools are in place to implement new ideas.

  • We develop your team and create the structure that empowers them to confidently build the steps to get things done.

  • We support your team to reinforce their transformation capability, increase their performance, and nurture their ability to co-create innovative outcomes with a customer focus.