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Optimise Your Business Performance Now and for the Future

Create a Sustainable Strategy

Build a Resilient Structure

Secure Future Profitability


You spend years investing in and taking big financial risks to grow your business into a profitable entity. But what got you here, may no longer serve you going forward. Your current operating model may be holding you back from taking advantage of new opportunities.


Hard work, long hours and no proper time off leads to growth and success, yet at what cost to you and the business? You may be under constant pressure, with little time for wellness, interests or family, and all for a business that cannot operate independently from you.


With over 20 years of working and engaging with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, eXXeed has seen businesses losing significant value due to over-reliance on their owners.


When operating as a separate entity to you, your business holds the intellectual property and assets, in the form of its culture, operational framework, systems and processes. This is where the value and goodwill reside and when set up right, this is where they stay, regardless of team and ownership changes.


Unless you have a clear vision, an executable strategy and the structure and systems in place to absorb change at the pace your business is moving, you risk:

  • Leaking value across the business

  • Losing out on existing and potential opportunities

  • Shedding clients to your competitors

  • Underutilising your team

  • Losing key personal or critical intellectual property

  • Relying on inefficient and outdated processes 



eXXeed works with you to assess and address these in your business, so you achieve the best return on your years of investment.

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W E    H E L P    Y O U

  • Current and Future State

  • Management and Operations

  • Independence and Autonomy

  • Business Framework

  • Key Risks, Challenges and Opportunities

  • Business Viability and Goodwill

  • Reliance on Key People, Suppliers and Customers

  • Loss of Knowledge and Intellectual Property

  • Attachment to Outdated Methodologies

  • Profitable, Value-focused Business Structure

  • Customer and Employee Engagement

  • Opportunities to Scale and Grow

  • Fit-for-purpose Business Model

  • Business Goodwill

Shape Your Business to Maximise High Value Returns

Your business should be in great shape all the time. You don’t know when key life events may happen such as a sudden partnership breakup, illness or even the next great opportunity you want to focus your time on. Keeping your business in top form by being structured correctly means you generate top dollar now and later on down the track, without you having to be there every hour of the day.


You can create long-term value and de-risk your business’s response to change by ensuring you have a capable team in place and the right structure for the business to run itself efficiently while growing sustainably.


eXXeed helps you develop this lean, profitable framework and tap into the unique knowledge of your employees through a rigorous improvement process. We bring external perspective to help you see the business through a fresh lens and give you the benefit of experts who have done this for many years.


Together we build an action plan that is straightforward to implement and steps that can be readily absorbed into the business. We work with your whole team to achieve the right outcomes through co-creation. We help you retain crucial intellectual property within the business, and we help you align your desired cultural values and outcomes throughout your operations.


As a result, you build the right frameworks to go faster and achieve greater success.


The whole way, we collaborate, coach and work through progressive steps with your team to improve the business.

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O U R    A P P R O A C H

  • Contact us for a confidential, obligation-free initial consultation so we understand your situation and your goals. We’ll discuss the options for putting an action plan together.

  • Once you’ve chosen your consultancy package, we conduct a full evaluation of your business.

  • We work with you and your team to produce a plan to prepare your business to achieve high organisational standards, proficiency and sustainability.

  • We work with you and your team to implement your plan.

  • With the plan in place, your team are empowered and capable of running the business operations with your strategic oversight.

  • You are now ready to maximise the value of your business. If you require further expert guidance as you grow and change, we can further support you.