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eXXeed Helps You Transform Your Vision

into Extraordinary Success

Structure For Growth

Boost Team Capabilities

Achieve Your Vision

A B O U T   e X X e e d

If you been thinking about how to extract yourself from the day-to-day business activities so you can focus on strategy, revitalise business performance and maximise value in your business, now is a great time for eXXeed to work side-by-side with you and your team to achieve your vision.

eXXeed offers expert guidance and a tailored approach to your circumstances so you can:


  • Help your people deliver the best outcomes to your customers

  • Assess current state realities and future state options

  • Develop a clear, measurable and actionable strategy

  • Retain key intellectual property within your business

  • Extract yourself from inconsistent systems that pose risk and productivity loss to your business

  • Move from outdated processes to free up capacity and skills

  • Align people, processes and technology to build enduring capabilities

  • Gain hands-on support when key employees or partners leave suddenly

  • Reduce staff turnover and the loss of important corporate knowledge in the process

  • Refresh your leadership style

  • Foster a change-capable culture that fits with your company values and purpose

  • Give your team a voice when it comes to planning and delivery

  • Plan and implement change, including transformation, for better results

Together with you, we develop practical steps that unite the capabilities of your whole team to achieve outcomes way beyond expectations.

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W H A T     W E     D O



  • Define Purpose

  • Identify Opportunities

  • Pinpoint the Source of Risks and Challenges

  • Bridge the Gap between Current and Future State

  • Shape Actionable Strategies



  • Implement Effectively

  • Improve Business Frameworks

  • Standardise Systems

  • Simplify Processes

  • Drive Communications

  • Remove Silos

  • Connect Teams and Customers



  • Best-in-class Business Practices

  • Optimised Employee Capabilities 

  • Customer-focused Culture

  • Value-based Operating Models

  • Pervasive Innovation

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My name is Layla and I’m the principal consultant and founder of eXXeed.


During my successful 20+ year career as a business broker, turnaround executive and digital strategy consultant, I’ve met incredible leaders, CEOs and technical experts and worked with hundreds of organisations, from multi-nationals to local businesses. Yet, I have also witnessed companies missing out on tremendous value due to legacy thinking, departmental silos, lack of planning, and over-reliance on the owner and key personnel.


I established eXXeed to use my unique advisory experience to help business owners and shareholders maximise value and future-proof their businesses through a people-centric culture that delivers best in class performance outcomes.


I am passionate about helping small and medium sized businesses transform to their full potential.


I work side-by-side with CEOs and management teams, and I also work side-by-side with every level of the employee structure to help develop robust systems that protect and enhance the business going forward.


My approach is practical, collaborative, intuitive, and effective, resulting in simple and exceptional outcomes.


I listen to you, understand your issues and use blue chip standards to connect your business to your customers, and unite your employees to your purpose.

A B O U T    L A Y L A


Principal Consultant & Founder

Layla Eljerman  



Layla is a strategic and customer-focused advisor with over 20 years’ experience driving business growth and transformation.


She spent over a decade leading an M&A business brokering team where she consulted to privately owned and publicly listed organisations growing by acquisition, developing strategies to help them get there. During this time, she also worked with hundreds of business owners and senior directors on numerous complex transactions achieving outstanding results that consistently maximised market value.


In further expanding her experience to future-proof businesses from the inside, she took on executive responsibilities to de-risk and restructure an organisation to focus on the customer and improve overall performance, achieving both margin efficiencies and 100% customer satisfaction.


Her experience was further embedded by completing her Masters of General Management and undertaking rigorous, human-centred design-thinking and change management certifications with the Luma Institute and PROSCI.


With a continuous improvement mindset and the passion and skills to help organisations leverage technology to compete profitably, Layla further developed her digital transformation expertise at global, leading technology company, Salesforce. As a Senior Principal Customer Success Advisor, Layla deeply embedded her skills at aligning strategy with people, processes and technology to maximise business value and return on digital strategy investment.


Today she brings these blue-chip standards to the small and medium enterprises she so passionately supports. She helps them develop robust structures, capable teams, strong partnerships and consistent, stellar customer experiences.                  

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P R O F E S S I O N A L    Q U A L I F I C A T I O N S


Masters of General Management - Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Sydney

Foundations of Directorship Certificate - Australian Institute of Company Directors

Diploma of Marketing Management – Sydney Institute of TAFE

Certified PROSCI Change Management | Luma Innovation through Human Centred Design

Licensed - Business & Property Agent - NSW Fair Trading since 2004

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