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The way leaders navigate the important issues their businesses face today determines the success, viability and value of their enterprises far into the future.

Every day, businesses miss out on significant value due to fixable problems such as legacy processes, departmental silos, poor strategy implementation or inadequate change management capabilities.

At eXXeed, we are passionate about helping you unlock the potential in your business and people, and extracting untapped benefits, wherever you are in your business life cycle.

We work with you to create a clear vision, an executable strategy, build the right frameworks to de-risk your business, create long-term value and achieve greater success.

"At every stage, your customers are at the centre of your decisions

and your people are at the heart of your performance."

W H A T   W E   D O

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Business Value Maximisation
  • Assess Current and Future State


  • Address Key Risks, Challenges and Opportunities


  • De-risk Assets, IP and Goodwill


  • Optimise Customer and Employee Engagement


Strategy Planning and Execution
  • Design Clear Vision and Purpose

  • Execute Effective Company-wide Implementation

  • Align Team Engagement and Collaboration

  • Develop Measurable Targets and Meaningful, Actionable Reporting

Change Management & Business Transformation
  • Restructure for Success​

  • Create Cohesive, Responsive Teams

  • Shape Fit-for-purpose Systems and Processes

  • Exceed Customer Expectations and Outperform Market Conditions

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G E T   S T A R T E D

Raising the bar and taking your business to the next level requires moving away from out-dated thinking and operational processes that no longer serve you well. This requires active listening, assessing what needs to change, smart planning and a strong team pulling together.

At eXXeed, we work with you to develop the practical steps that unite the hearts, minds and capabilities of your whole team to achieve outcomes way beyond expectations.

We are passionate about helping you unlock the potential in your business and people, and extract untapped benefits, wherever you are in your business life cycle.

W E    H E L P    Y O U



  • Define Purpose

  • Identify Opportunities

  • Pinpoint the Source of Risks and Challenges

  • Bridge the Gap between Current and Future State

  • Shape Actionable Strategies



  • Implement Effectively

  • Improve Business Frameworks

  • Standardise Systems

  • Simplify Processes

  • Drive Communications

  • Remove Silos

  • Connect Teams and Customers



  • Best-in-class Business Practices

  • Optimised Employee Capabilities 

  • Customer-focused Culture

  • Value-based Operating Models

  • Pervasive Innovation

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Working with eXXeed gave me confidence through coaching to reshape from a traditional financial services firm to a corporate model…

Ron Phipps-Ellis, Evolv Super

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My name is Layla and I’m the principal consultant and founder of eXXeed.


I am a strategic and customer-focused advisor with over 20 years’ experience driving business growth and performance improvement from my work as a business broker, turnaround executive and digital strategy consultant.


I’ve seen what devalued businesses look like and know most pitfalls arise from poor structure, lack of planning, and over-reliance on the owner and key personnel.


Using my advisory experience in business mergers and acquisitions, I help shareholders and owners maximise value and future-proof their businesses through a people-centric culture that delivers best in class performance outcomes.


I am passionate about helping small and medium sized businesses transform to their full potential.


At eXXeed, we listen to you, understand your issues and use blue chip standards to connect your business to your customers, and unite your employees to your purpose.


The eXXeed approach is tailored to bring out the best in your people and multiply your business performance into exceptional results and long-lasting value.

A B O U T   e X X e e d

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